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Video: AuRACLE Engine Monitoring

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AuRACLE is the leading digital engine power management system designed for the general aviation OEM and retrofit markets. AuRACLE is a primary engine instrument that is certified for use on 95% of general aviation aircraft. Learn More »

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“…I love the AuRACLE. It is very user friendly and intuitive…" Erissa W., Cessna 182Q Owner

AuRACLE Engine Management Systems

STC’d for Primary; Incredibly Reliable

AuRACLE engine management systems provide discerning pilots with primary engine management compatible with 95% of all single and twin-engine general aviation aircraft. Cockpit resource management is improved by alerting pilots to critical engine conditions including fuel data, exhaust gas temperature and cylinder head temperature. Each unit is configured to the respective airframe and engine combination.

CRM2100 Aircraft enigne analyzer

The AuRACLE digital engine analyzers’ benefits include:

  • Data display
  • Reduced pilot workload and increased safety
  • Quickly Interpreted data
  • Immediate alert to abnormal engine conditions
  • Provides key decision making information - Rapidly
  • Incredible reliability
  • Affordability
  • Multiple, easily readable screens
  • The Industry’s most accurate %HP